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Sat, 07/05/2011 - 00:00 to Wed, 06/07/2022 - 15:24
Brampton Community Centre
Brampton Food Network
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Hello, the newly formed Brampton Food Network will be holding a "Container Growing" event at the Community Centre in Brampton on the 7th May.
Along with the chance to turn lemonade bottles into window sill salad havens and some clever ideas for expanding your growing space in a small garden or yard we hope to have a seed exchange and seedling swap. If you’ve struggled for time so far to get your growing season underway this could be your chance.
Please can you offer any help with this? If you have any of the following please get in touch with me directly – the contact details are below.

  • Old 2 litre drinks bottles – clean and without the label but with the lid please.
  • Any seedlings you could contribute to the swap table and/or the time to plant a few extra now that would be ready for the event.
  • Any seeds you know you’ll have too many off. Come along and swap with someone else
  • An hour or so on the day to help people plant up their small containers
  • Some time in advance to do some simple woodwork to make container stands.
  • Any spare pots or containers that you would be happy for anyone who drops in to plant up and take away.

Any extra ideas or comments also gratefully received, please contact me if you can help or want more information.
Many thanks and hope to see you soon.
Gareth Thomas
Brampton Food Network Co-ordinator
Tel: 016977 45022