PACT Greening Penrith

March 2012 update

Things are moving on apace. The cobbles in Little Dockray have been re-laid, waste bins relocated, and four planters placed in their final positions.Two new planters are being made and will sit alongside the remaining bench at the north of the street.

In addition, permission has been received to place additional planters outside Lakeland Embroidery, shaped to fit neatly alongside the railings, outside Burton’s and a large triangular planter outside the Woolpack. The Council are cleaning the Monument next week (week commencing 12th March) and as a result under planting of existing and the new planters has been put back to the week of the 26th March.

In an attempt to further enhance the townscape the six lampposts around the Monument are being repainted. These are currently in a very poor state of repair and this work will significantly improve this part of the town.

Finally a grant application has been submitted to seek to raise funds for a major upgrade of St Andrews Square. This would include repainting the railings, relaying and widening paths, providing more seating and information boards and replanting the large flower bed adjacent to Rotary garden. St Andrews Church, The Rotary and the owners of the Arcade are partners in this scheme.

All of this work has been undertaken by volunteers, who have raised the funds and commissioned the work from local businesses. We would welcome additional help as there is much still to do, flower beds, additional planters and hanging baskets. We also need additional funds to help us maintain this initiative so if you or your business are willing to sponsor one of these planters please be in touch with Peter Ward

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