Make scrap bags

Sat, 26/08/2017 - 11:00
South Lakes Foyer
Zero Waste Kendal

ZWK will be making ’scrap bags’ for use for loose produce, e.g. fruit and veg, to discourage use of small plastic produce bags.

Zero Waste Kendal:

  •  will have at least two sewing machines on the go.  South Lakes Foyer  who are keen to support us, have offered to temporarily move the computers so we can use the desk and the plugs there.
  •  can provide fabric pens for children to decorate bags, and possibly other customisation if anyone is willing to help supervise this?
  •  are seeking donations of cloth and thread, not newly bought but unwanted scraps, tea towels, old table cloths etc.. If you cannot make it on that day we can make arrangements for you to collect or donate cloth on another day.
  •  Will give away the bags on that day but we also want to give them away when we have a stall at the Birdcage, which is looking like Sat 7th October (earliest date available) so plenty of time to make them. We will be promoting a  petition then, and giving away the bags for free will hopefully bring people in :)