Plastics action group meeting

Wed, 06/09/2017 - 19:00
George Hotel, Devonshire St, Penrith CA11 7SU

We'll be convening in the George Hotel lounge at 7pm on Wed 6th Sept, anyone interested in the plastics issue is very welcome.

We're increasingly drowning in a real sea of plastic, therefore I am very much focused on action and hope to box off various manageable projects, so it'll be great if folk are prepared to put their hands up and willing to take on small tasks within a broader campaign.

Loose agenda

  • general progress update
  • approaches to supermarkets
  • embedding non-plastics messages in Penrith's signature events
  • Cumbria Tourism's association with bottled water
  • Refill Bristol, potential for refill schemes in Cumbria
  • research on non-plastic alternatives
  • survey of Penrith town centre traders, inc. identifying sources of common commodities in non-plastics
  • campaign social media / email addresses etc., including links to PACT