Please become a member of PACT by completing the membership form below and sending the required £1. Or pay with PayPal below, including a small donation to cover the transaction costs.

Penrith Action for Community Transition Limited (PACT) is a Registered Society for the Benefit of the Community(1). The objects of the Society are to carry on any business for the benefit of the community by:

  • Raising awareness of the issues associated with climate change, scarcity of resources and economic sustainability.
  • Reducing carbon emissions
  • Increasing community resilience
  • Actively working with other stakeholders to harness the energies of the local community to achieve the above three objectives

Benefits of membership

  • Join the leading established community-based sustainability group in Penrith and Eden responding to the climate and environmental emergencies.
  • Network with and help alongside like-minded concerned individuals.
  • Vote at PACT general meetings.
  • Take up opportunities to lead or contribute to meaningful PACT projects and events, with appropriate public liability insurance cover when acting for PACT.
  • Engage with the ongoing Zero Carbon Cumbria project (2021-25), with PACT being one of eleven front-line “delivery partners” in the ZCC Partnership.
  • Link with other volunteer sustainability groups in the County directly and through the Cumbria Sustainability Network.
  • Take part in PACT information sharing and social events limited to members and invited guests as well as public PACT events.
  • Receive periodic informative newsletters and communications through email and the PACT website.

Please download the form attached below, print it, fill it in and return with £1 to Christine Sutherland at 3 Sand Croft, Penrith CA11 8BB or by email to the secretary.

All applications for membership must be approved by the board of directors.

(1) Penrith Action for Community Transition Limited (PACT) is owned by its members and run according to these rules. Each member has one vote at General Meetings. Any financial surplus is reinvested to achieve the objects of the Society. If the Society is dissolved, any remaining assets must go to a similar organisation.