PACT Action on Plastic

PACT Plastic Bag Free Penrith campaign

Plastic Bag Free Penrith Traders Survey

Mon, 04/01/2010 - 00:00 to Fri, 14/06/2024 - 23:56

During early 2010, a significant number of Penrith traders were surveyed on their current use of plastic bags and whether they would support further moves to reduce their usage.

  • 110 retailers surveyed
  • 71% had tried limiting disposable bags, including shops who don’t use plastic bags at all some who charge for all plastic bags supplied, others who use biodegradable bags or alternative “bags for life”
  • Many shops ask customers if they really need a disposable bag before offering one.
  • Many shopkeepers also noticed their customers were increasingly bringing their own bags, and encouraged them to do so.
  • 70% of retailers were prepared to take part in a campaign to limit or replace disposable plastic bags

    48% of retailers felt there were already realistic alternatives available for their businesses
  • 37% felt the options needed further research.